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Suite Rules

We want you to have a lot of fun during your stay, but we do have a few rules that we ask you to follow to make our rental units safe and comfortable for all of our guests.


*Guests are required to clean, dry, and put away all dishes prior to checkout.


*NO PETS ARE ALLOWED* A $200 cleaning fee will be charged if a pet is brought into the premises including porches.


* NO SMOKING INSIDE OF THE BUILDING INCLUDING PORCHES AND HALLWAYS* A $200 fee will be charged if a guest smokes within the building or porches. Please smoke outside and be aware of the current fire hazard conditions.


* NO FISH CLEANING IN THE UNITS OR PORCHES* Please use the fish house that is located on the common grounds. A $200 fee will be charged if a guest cleans fish within the units.


* ONE DOCK SPACE PER UNIT* Each unit comes with only one dock space/slip for one boat. Any additional boats must be either beached or trailered between use.  


*DO NOT POUR COOKING OIL FROM DEEP FRYERS INTO SINKS OR TOILETS. Please pour oil back into original container(s), seal tightly, and dispose of in an upright position into one of the exterior garbage cans.


* QUIET TIME IS 11:30 P.M.* Please respect other guests and keep noise to a reasonable level after this time.


* Only use the supplied 1-ply toilet paper. Do not put any other items into the toilets.


* Please do not leave ANY items that you bring into the units when you checkout. This includes bait, paper products, food items, towels, etc..


* Please park boat trailers anywhere on the large grassy hillside located on the south side of the building.

*No fireworks allowed.


Thank you!


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